Even if you’re a brick and mortar retailer, online ordering is a must!

If there’s one constant in retail, it’s change. There used to be a time when it was a special event to go to the store, and it was as much about the experience as it was about what you were buying. Over the years, consumers have become increasingly price-conscious to the point that they’re prepared to end long-term relationships with their favorite stores and take their business online. As a conventional retailer, you have two choices: Pretend like the situation doesn’t exist and continue to lose business to online retailers, or Become an online retailer yourself!

Horton & Horton Printing has been central Arkansas’ leading provider of premium quality design and printing services since 1967, and we offer high quality printing at value pricing. If you need catalogs, flyers, or business cards, we’re always a phone call away, and our turnaround time on print jobs is the best in the business.

In addition to our printing services, we also love to partner with small businesses to help them develop quality branding and marketing plans at prices that they can afford. We firmly believe that imagination is much more important than money, and we’re ready to help you grow your business beyond your wildest dreams! And a big way to stay competitive in today’s ever changing marketplace is to offer an online ordering system on your website.

An online ordering portal is actually very easy to set up, and you should think of it as a member of your sales staff that you don’t have to pay a salary or commission. Best of all, your online ordering system is available around the clock. Most online shoppers have made many a late night impulse purchase, and you’d be surprised at how successful that online ordering can be as a passive revenue stream.

Another great benefit of online ordering is that you are instantly expanding your customer base to anyone who has an internet connection. You’ll be able to reach customers in markets that you never dreamed of, and if you give them to opt-in to your mailing list, you’ll develop your own database of customers who will get the first shot at your sales and special promotions!

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