How to launch an email newsletter that gets results!

When email first became popular in the 90s, it revolutionized the way that we communicate. Traditional postal service earned the satirical nickname “snail mail,” and we officially entered the information age. These days, most business communication takes place through email. In fact, between their jobs and their personal lives, many people have multiple email accounts. Fast forward to the present day. Email is still alive and well, and in widespread use on a daily basis. Current estimates report that almost 300 billion emails are sent each day, and that number is expected to go up to 350 billion over the next few years. This doesn’t include private messaging on social media, tweets, or Facebook posts.

Unfortunately, most people will tell you that their inboxes are absolutely flooded with emails each day. Spam filters are getting a lot better at keeping the junk mail at bay, but each time someone makes an online purchase, they often get added to mailing lists. Not to mention that our email addresses are bought and sold like a commodity. That doesn’t mean that an email newsletter is a bad idea.You just have to do it right. Our team at Horton & Horton always enjoys working with small businesses to provide high quality printed materials, and we’re also glad to help you develop a marketing plan tailor fit to your company. Here are a few ingredients for a successful newsletter:

Stay in touch, but not too much-Once or twice a month is plenty. Don’t trick your clients into signing up, and always make it easy for them to unsubscribe with no questions asked.

Provide engaging content-Your clients already know that you want to sell them a product or service, and that your newsletter is a sales tool. Make it fun to read and helpful, and let your company sell itself.

End with a call to action-Always be closing! You don’t have to deliver a hard sell, but you definitely want to ask for the business. Coupons are always appreciated, and you might also consider hosting some special events. The important thing is to be creative, and help your prospects realize that they need to come see you right away!

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