Want to stay fresh on your clients’ minds? An email newsletter can really help!

No two businesses are quite alike when it comes to client engagement. Some are mostly “order takers” that regularly supply products or services to their clients, and enjoy great customer loyalty. But most small businesses have to hustle to grow, and find creative ways to keep generating interest on a tight budget. Social media is here to stay, and living proof that any small business can be a huge success if they figure out how to use it correctly!

Horton & Horton Printing is best known for providing high quality printing services, and we’re always a phone call away when you need business cards, catalogs, or sales collateral printed quickly, and at a price you can afford. But we know that staying relevant means also mastering digital media. In fact, most large companies are quaking in their boots at the thought of having to take on smaller, leaner companies on social media. We’re always interested in helping our clients find ways to compete with larger competitors, and it always starts with providing a personal touch. One of the best ways to engage your clients is an email newsletter, which offers several great benefits:

Cost effective marketing-Emails are free, and you can send them to as many people as you want. Obviously, you don’t want to spam your clients, but a monthly newsletter is a good way to stay in touch. Many people discount the idea of a newsletter, because they’re frequently deleted unread. But a surprising number of people actually read them and respond regularly. Be sure to always include an easy unsubscribe option, and honor it quickly with no questions asked.

Brand Recognition-Even if your clients don’t read every sentence of your newsletter, they will see your company name, and remember it. Just be sure that they don’t remember you as the company that sends newsletters that are too long, or arrive too frequently.

Soft Sales-Most retailers and service providers stopped cold calling a long time ago, and have moved on to a lower pressure approach. Even if your newsletter doesn’t have a direct sales call to action, you can provide helpful information and advice that can plant the seed for future sales!

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