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You don’t have to have a business or marketing degree to understand the importance of great branding. Everywhere that you go, you’re exposed to hundreds of advertisements on television, billboards, social media. Advertisers know that they only have a few seconds to get your attention, and only a few seconds more to keep it. That’s why it’s so important that they make an impression on consumers, even if those consumers aren’t presently in the market for a particular product or service.

The good news is that you don’t have to hire a huge ad agency and launch an expensive marketing campaign. You already have a great product to offer, and you stand behind it. But it definitely helps to have a consistent color scheme and logo for your signage, sales materials, and advertisements. That’s where we come in! Horton and Horton Printing has been providing premium printing services since 1967, but did you know that we can also help you with branding and marketing plans?

We’ll start by learning as much as we can about your business, and the type of message that you want to deliver to your prospective customers. No two businesses are quite alike, and the strategies that work for a bank or a law firm probably won’t be a fit for a small boutique gift shop. We’ll work side-by-side to determine the right colors and design concept for your company, and our in-house graphic design staff will get to work. We can print your new eye-catching logo on business cards, letterhead, brochures, catalogs, and bound materials. Your sales collateral will always look clean and professional, and will help you stand out amongst your competitors.

Launching an effective marketing campaign presents a lot of unique challenges, but we’re firm believers in finding creative solutions that help our clients get the most “bang for their buck.” Most of our clients operate under tight budgets, and we love to employ a combination of proven marketing strategies and a little unconventional thinking to help them to generate new business and to keep growing!

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