H & H is Rebranding!

Horton & Horton Printing is a family owned business that started in 1967 when the Horton brothers, Roger & Winston Horton, started the company in a small backyard shed with a second hand printing press and a handmade camera fabricated from a tomato can and cheesecloth. In the subsequent years, a lot of things have happened in the world. We’ve landed on the moon, developed the technology to cook meals in minutes, and the ability to carry a camera, a telephone, a music player, and a web browser in a single pocket-sized device. Over that same time period, a lot of companies have come and gone. Highly successful corporations such as Pan American Airlines, Woolworth’s, and K-Mart have gone out of business, and many well-established companies are currently hanging on by a thread.

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No One Beats Our Turnaround Times on Printed Sales Collateral!

In this new digital age, an increasing amount of products and services are now being bought and sold online. Large retailers have offered online sales for years, and many local boutique stores have followed suit. There’s definitely no doubt that online sales are convenient, but they will never replace the personal touch that comes from direct sales.

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H&H can Create Great Branding for Your Small Business!

No matter what business that you’re in, you’re going to have competition. Sometimes you’re taking on existing businesses, and sometimes the success of your unique business inspires others to enter the marketplace. But you have the best product, and that’s enough. Or is it?

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