How to launch an email newsletter that gets results!

When email first became popular in the 90s, it revolutionized the way that we communicate. Traditional postal service earned the satirical nickname “snail mail,” and we officially entered the information age. These days, most business communication takes place through email. In fact, between their jobs and their personal lives, many people have multiple email accounts. Fast forward to the present day. Email is still alive and well, and in widespread use on a daily basis. Current estimates report that almost 300 billion emails are sent each day, and that number is expected to go up to 350 billion over the next few years. This doesn’t include private messaging on social media, tweets, or Facebook posts.

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Three reasons to develop a great brand

Small business owners have all sorts of different personalities. Some are aggressive go-getters that spend every waking hour looking for ways to get people excited about their business, and some are a bit more “aw, shucks!” Whatever the case, as an entrepreneur, you are the heart and soul of your business and you owe it to yourself to develop a great brand that’s as unique as you are! You’re really good at what you do, but when it comes to marketing your business, do you feel like you’re prepared?

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Still doing direct sales? We can take your sales collateral to the next level!

Even though an increasing number of businesses are suspending their brick and mortar operations in favor of online sales, there are still a lot of companies that rely on direct sales to grow their business. Even though most products can be easily found for sale through online retailers, there are still a lot of high end specialty products that aren’t as easily bought or sold over a website. Not to mention that many service professionals can’t easily provide their services online.

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