Let our team help you develop a marketing plan from start to finish!

Whether you’re starting a new business or trying to grow an existing business, it can be a little intimidating when it comes to long-term planning. Most small businesses have to figure out ways to do “more with less,” and can’t afford to hire a PR or advertising firm. The good news is that money will never be able to replace creativity, and developing a great marketing plan can often be a lot more affordable than you think!

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H & H is ready to make your business launch a huge success!

Whether you’re opening your doors for the first time, or updating your brand and relaunching, you only have one chance to do it right! It’s important to generate a lot of buzz around your grand opening (or grand re-opening), and absolutely critical to “wow” every guest that comes through the front door. This is the moment that you’ve been waiting your whole life for, and will set the tone for your business!

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Want to stay fresh on your clients’ minds? An email newsletter can really help!

No two businesses are quite alike when it comes to client engagement. Some are mostly “order takers” that regularly supply products or services to their clients, and enjoy great customer loyalty. But most small businesses have to hustle to grow, and find creative ways to keep generating interest on a tight budget. Social media is here to stay, and living proof that any small business can be a huge success if they figure out how to use it correctly!

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